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​the saboteur’s mirror – versuri busdriver


we poisoned the paint
filled in a noise complaint

[verse 1]
i’m solving problems with music
i’m using my scepter that evolved from a pool stick
cruise ship, i’m full of either somalian pirates
or jazz men pract-tioners yankin’ out flag pens
you cannot solve your problems with music
i’m banned from the sausage fest when i colored in the water crest
radicalized by a false arrest [?] world views [?] with them holes in it
how can you reference the world but never roll in it
master p money from grown [?] with no limits
who go the distance into money making ventures
and show the resistance my photo is physics
frozen in mid-flight new signs for the bit pipe[?]
become the mixmaster for the mixed martial arts of the shaman
pediatrics for the queens of tomorrow
the lifestyle [?] dreams you can borrow

like this is not a place you can chill
is the face of a mountain the face of a bill
the saboteur’s mirror
streaming truth as you’re chased down a hill
this is your heart in a bag
where you cannot depart from the [?] or your art in an ad
the saboteur’s mirror
does a soup with your -rs-nic tabs

[verse 2]
everywhere the games of the broke economy[?]
n-body can follow the thread of logic or the blockage
of metabolic or weed trippin'[?]
is this a [?] regiftin’
yo, the f-ck
they must have mistaken that love for a human feeling
[?] the roof and the ceiling like

they don’t know about that
they don’t know

[verse 3]
define the character of your heart
adequate for a black nationalist upstart
pluck apart that woven fear
you’re super [?] in the lower tear
where you can read all your emotions clear
now you know you a [?] rack up that karmic debt[?] you over grip
don’t stop to behold the myth
f-ck an artist’s rep

happy birthday to me
sometimes you just can’t fall in place
you can’t
watcha gonna do with that beat

[chorus 2]
can i fall into place
you cannot fall into place
you cannot fall into place

[verse 4]
you can solve any of your problems with music
hip hoppers climb to the top of the pinnacle of the pop charts
distinct the[?] kinds of black art have put the black artists on the meat mart
the industry hack whose teeth are sharp
[?] side of the park
i try to reconvene, you see what i mean
that seems to be the best point of emphasis
you know we be eating with the photosynthesis
[?] you know that’s why i be spitter
i should have had you rappers on a grill like a chicken breast
[?] snap necks on my aspects [?]
’cause y’all ain’t down with the aztecs really
my vernacular says african mexican
while the fashion of the denizen
stays masculine and feminine
i’m a missing in action veteran
turned it out it was an act of god, but yeah which one[?]
yes, you, why you act so odd
you kick up with the homies that kiss guns
[?] touching that playful stubble
angel dust on that cake crumble
so you board the sp-ce shuttle
’cause they don’t know that you make trouble

[chorus 2]
i fall into place
you cannot fall into place
you cannot fall into place

you can solve any of your problems with music, music
you can solve any of your problems with music, music
they don’t know about that
they don’t know

# busdriver

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