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don’t get it twisted – versuri sinister (rapper)


[verse 1]
it’s time to bust some new sh-t
kick the ballistics
’cause pooed-b-tt motherf-ckers is always gettin’ sh-t twisted
and now it’s time to take back suckas who try to diss this
you try up a hit this, but n-gg-s did missed it
let’s handle our bussiness
you know what i’m talkin’ about
we can rap or scrab, or have a motherf-ckin’ shoot out
but if you use gats, imma ya cap
’cause when a n-gg- like me is strapped, i’m givin’ the [?] rack
who got my back for suckas who try to creep
and if you can’t [?], believe me it’s puttin’ you to sleep, g
double up bucks in yo punk -ss
f-ckin’ with me, you’re goin’ nowhere real fast
and what about your residence?
a c-cktail through your window, i wouldn’t be hesitatin’
name is o.g. sinister, mobs the first cl-ss
run up, and imma put these thangs on yo -ss
so if you want some, come and get some
but you might get some .45 slugs in your lungs
imma put my motherf-ckin’ gat to your temple
pull back the hammer, squeeze the trigger: buck!
it’s very simple
so now you know
you’re f-ckin’ wit the pro
[?] call me a hustla, well, your mamma is a hoe
gangsta sinister’s the name, fool
as if you missed it
the message that i’m sendin’ to you suckas:

don’t get it twisted

[verse 2]
people don’t even know me and put smud on my back
and call me hustlas and bustas that you know is smokin’ crack
but let me say this for the record: i’m a gangsta
a punk motherf-cker check that
i’ll rip your f-ckin’ heart out, with my bare hands
i’ll talk b-real, from cypress hill, how to k!ll a man
but just like the average neighborhood sc-m
he got a alb-m on his shelf but forgot where he came from
i got to say one thang, your gat dust, fool
you took the cake when you hooked up with ice cube
but since you did, let me say one thang:
listen to cube and be true to the game
because you ran out of me, little deserved to a k!ll jack sh-t
but yet you talk about murder, never
heard of you doin’ sh-t for the hood
but run around with the homie sticks
and try to look good
it’s been a while since you kicked it with the homies
but that don’t mean you had to act like you didn’t know me
i’ll tell you the truth: i think you got chicken
got money in your pocket and now you’re scared to kick it
but that’s okay, go on about your way
didn’t need you before, and don’t need you today
but let me say: come to the hood, i know you miss it
but if you think you wanna kick, fool:

don’t get it twisted

[verse 3]
i know you wonder
(where the f-ck did he come from?)
more 88th [?] and i’m strapped with a shotgun
[?], pump, double up bucks in the chamber
whoever is in front of this gat, is in danger
so what’s up, funky-feel b-real?
i caught ya with your guards now i’m [?] goin’ for the k!ll
and i honestly and truly believe, that [?] and drag queens’ goin’ up in your booty
[?], you should’ve asked me if you didn’t know sh-t
i could’ve told ya that a boy intend to quit
you couldn’t tell by his video
but me and my homies know, that he’s h-m-s-xual
and what about the cartel?
they’re h-m-s-xuals too, a bunch of godd-mn taco bells
g-y–ss all out doe’s if you ask me
kick it with the cartels, i’ll take a p-ss, g
87th [?], you got [?] your own call
and you’re about to take a fall
so stand tall, when i’m ready to peel your cap
i might give ya a p-ss because you’re black
s.c.c., sorry c-cksuckin’ cluckas
you’ve just been atacked by one bad motherf-cka
you can’t fade this, you on my sh-t list
on the fo’ real-a my n-gg-:

don’t get it twisted

# sinister rapper

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