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faintless moody – outlaw – versuri bryan scary


take your shoes and put them by the fire –
here’s a little tale my love, a man i did admire
(so long ago). my greatest enemy.
an outlaw is a rover and a rover’s meant to be
freer than the birds above, the wind my love…
and me? would i waste all my time? or lose my mind?
the outlaw wasn’t made to follow to tomorrow.

i chased him through every crooked town.
waiting at the gates my love, reaching for a sound.
he played me like a fool, but i was smart!
i kept an onyx bible in the sp-ce next to my heart.
then he led me through the rain and down the drain.
and our little dance on the range? it was very strange.
riding out another sunset, always one step away.

and the faintless moody outlaw…
i let you get away.
the faintless moody outlaw,
i wonder where are you today?
well if i need you,
i know just where i’ll meet you.
you better stay up all night.
hold tight.
i swear i will defeat you!

and so the years went spiraling away.
i lost myself in family, reeling back the days.
but even so i couldn’t shake him loose –
uncertain whether he’d turn up and cook another goose.
i saw him the faces of the ones i loved.
and who could imagine the play would turn this way?
does a shadow last forever, or does it just go away?

and the faintless moody outlaw –
the game is at an end.
the faintless moody outlaw –
oh, my enemy, my friend.

for soon i’ll find you,
i’m coming up behind you.
so knees down and pray.
have faith.
it’s all you’ve left to guide you!

he grew up in the slums.
(he grew up, he grew up)
then moved out west
to follow every hollow that could get him off the best.
(to follow every hollow that could get him off)
sucking on a dream:
(suck, suck)
a lonely dream
(a lonely dream)
our dreams have silver linings but his was green
(our dreams have silver linings but his was green)
our dreams have silver linings but his was green
(our dreams have silver linings but his was green)

the sign said “banco libre” so he did –
freed a hundred thousand of the dollars that it hid.
and then he rode into the rio grande.
to make a stand he offered up his arms but we were duped.
he showered us with lead my love when up above
the sky began to thunder –
he escaped by going under.
now it’s just a tale we tell each other.
and so i’m on my way…

(ooh, outlaw)
(moody outlaw)
(ooh, outlaw)
(moody outlaw)
(ooh, outlaw)
(moody outlaw)

# bryan scary

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