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harlem’s song – versuri don ryan



[producer tag]
wait a minute, tomii

i love how your name, hide behind a state
your mind behind a state, a state of mind
in hindsight, i find you like a quiet stride
i can’t seem to stray away so i stay aligned
can’t drain the pain away, so i drank the wine
of the fruits of your labor, your sounds became a sign
a straight line to heaven, so insanely kind
to my eyes, i might just -ssign the ride
to the first angel i can find, i might
i might, relocate, alright
alright, alright, i’m fine
i cannot lie, i don’t know why
i don’t know you

i don’t know you
i don’t know you, no
swear to god, i don’t know you, no

i don’t know you
the music i consume
the melodies you exude
you are like a quaalude
you are like a quaalude

# don ryan

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