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i feel it too – versuri the frights


[verse 1]
i could see you up in the morning
you would be my friend
i could talk for hours and hours
it would never end
you were looking so nice and dandy
i could see your eyes
we were talking for hours and hours
i could see your thighs

[verse 2]
everyone says i’m paranoid, baby
i don’t know what it means
they’ve been saying i’m losing my mind well
i’ve been hiding in my dreams
you’ve been saying you’re up to nothing
i was doing it right
i could talk for you and forever
every single night

we could talk for hours on end
i would tell you, you were my friend
everything he wants me to do
i would tell you, baby i feel it too

i feel it too
i feel it too
i feel it too
i feel it too
i feel it too

# the frights

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