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nobody – versuri slymeboyzcult


(hook: wastemane)

all these people acting real shady
cause they cold blooded
only slither back when they got no money so funny
all these people started switching sides for the dough, homie
i don’t trust a soul, yeah i got n-body

i don’t trust a soul
yeah i got n-body
all these people started switching sides for the dough, homie
only slither back when they got no money so funny
all these people acting real shady
cause they cold blooded

(verse 1: wastemane)

i f-cking hate this place
it’s been a whole year but ain’t sh-t changed
feel locked down in same old cage
whole city crawling with venomous snakes

that act real friendly when you start getting money
wasn’t in the rain now they ‘round when it’s sunny
never felt your pain, but they play like they went through the same sh-t
say they relate, now ain’t that funny

ain’t that funny, nah, that’s wack
why do all these people wanna play me like that?
why does everybody wanna hop on my wave
till it pays then be outtie when they make light stacks

i see you all tryna hate
don’t try to act like we straight
don’t come to me for a track
i charge by an hourly rate

don’t try to get between me and the music
i don’t really wanna come for the blunts
i wanna spend my time under influences
all of you stay unproductive as f-ck

i seen you change for a buck, sh-t
i seen you begging for cash
i seen you switching from one side to other ones
just to be counting some stacks

i won’t switch up for the fame
you p-ss-es is broken inside
you sold your soul for a deal and a chain
but i’d rather be broke and have pride

your sh-t is simply depressing
take your own life with the gun you been flexing
repping a city you ain’t even from
while you claim that you own it, its f-cking pathetic

(hook 2)

(verse 2: ace mason)

rappin’ it excellent, rappin’ like eczema
all my sh-t b-mpin’ conditioned to better ya
stick up a hand if you with me
dump on the fakes like i’m winnie

winning only losses strictly flops
i’m really gonna make the city pop
508 until the day i drop
let a liar twist his tongue in knots

miss when it was all for fun and fame
sh-t is flipped in like a hundred ways
had to do some dumb sh-t just to numb the pain
hungry youngin’ gun to run the game

disregarded garbage, drop knowledge
i went to harvard
parents told me drop the act
so i dropped out and i went harder
i’m only getting smarter
must heard catch up, we go farther
man i ain’t been this committed
since i cut ties with my barber

and to be honest the gr-ss need a cutting
snakes slither through the streets in abundance
they be up on you like a ticks in the summer
the second that you flash a couple of hundreds

medusa could never turn me into stone
gl-sses are polar, i move and you froze
stay in your lane, imma stay in my zone
speak down on my name, one of us goin’ ghost

bet your -ss i’m not danny phantom
new slander no it wasn’t random
line b-mping and my city dancing
haters sitting cuz they can’t stand em

(hook 3)

(verse 3: skeep)

pick up truck, sitting in the middle
just my luck, swimming in the winter
got no hope, looking for a glimmer
i don’t got one more f-ck i can give you

i don’t got no more gas in the tank
i don’t got no more cash in the bank
i don’t got no more time to be wasting
growing real tired of the mask on my face

growing real tired of the 4d skin suit
growing real tired of the fake sh-t too
i am just a mannequin and that’s my issue
android boy with a brain full of goo

swisher on my lips till’ i get that check
seems like a sweet life, zips on deck
but i don’t got a clue how to feel less empty
and i don’t feel a thing when she kiss my neck

i don’t got a great big house in the hills
i ain’t got a ziplock bag full of pills
some days i think maybe i should go and cop some
maybe then ill get a gold chain and a deal

sniffing on that arm and hammer
everything is caught on camera
it’s a world star world we live in
so there’s no more danny phantom

i can’t spend my check up on these clothes no more
i can’t spend a second on these hoes no more
i can’t feel my motherf-ckin’ toes no more
i got no body, n-body (x2)

# slymeboyzcult

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