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there are no words – versuri the sadies


[verse 1]
i swear i won’t lie but it’s hard to describe
i’m so bad with faces, with name stakes and places
my days and nights change but it all stays the same
and i’m too high to camp but i’m going nowhere

maybe tomorrow i’ll know what to say
but right now, i have no words

[verse 2]
all my traditions are just superst-tions
all my ambition is run by addiction
i won’t break my figure on smoking and drinking
i’ve gotta get high so i’ll say my goodbyes

i wish i could find all the right words to say
but right now, i have no words

[verse 3]
i’ll have to preserve or i can’t resolve
my family and friends don’t even show again
i’m pale and i’m frail, it’s likely i’ll fail
so don’t place your bets ’cause it’s high over yale

i know i’ll be sorry, so sorry for you loss
but right now there are no words


# the sadies

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